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The Luxe Beauty Lounge

Where beauty meets radiance


The Luxe Beauty Lounge


1533 E. Northfield Drive Suite 900 Brownsburg, IN
Brownsburg Indiana 46112
United States



Luxe Beauty Lounge offers luxurious services. We are the place that we want our customers to want to come to for our services & expertise. Not only do we give them amazing services, we also provide education to the customers to extend the life of their services. We have a wide range of services for everyone, from sunless tanning and teeth whitening to zero-gravity chairs.


About Brownsburg

Brownsburg is a town in Hendricks County, Indiana, United States. The population was recorded to be 21,285 residents at the 2010 Census. In 2020 the population was recorded as 28,973 residents. == History == Brownsburg was first settled in 1824 by James B. Brown. Delaware Indians lived in what is now called Lincoln Township, along White Lick Creek, which was then called "Wa-pe-ke-way" or "White Salt".


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